Leverage | How do Tissue Firm works
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Tissue Firm V-3, is a Bio-revitalizing skin solution  formulated with minerals, amino acids and vitamins B, which together enhance their metabolic activities that ensure the hydrodynamic balance of the skin.

Tissue Firm V3, contains well as an Antioxidant Glutathione for  Skin Whiteness effect. Glutathione is the body’s Most Powerful and Important antioxidants, present in each and every cell in the body. It plays an important role in detoxifying our cells, removing heavy metals, toxins and free radicals. All of which can damage our cells and damage the quality of Significantly our cells, treats including skin cells. Glutathione help to whiten the skin in a couple of different ways. Melanin is the pigment our skin ITS That Gives color, produced by the activation of the enzyme Tyrosinase. Glutathione binds to Tyrosinase and Helps Prevent the enzymatic pathways from producing melanin.

The second is a much more important role, Glutathione Helps to prevent the activation of Tyrosinase by reducing free radicals in the body can activate it and That causes an Increase in melanin production.


Hyaluronic Acid: Is a major component of cell interstitial matrix. Its main function is to maintain hydration levels in the skin, playing a physiological effect lasting. Increases skin firmness and elasticity, improving the fibers that hold tissues. Functions of HA include the following: hydration, lubrication, space filling to capacity, moisturizing, and film forming skin softening, nourishing skin, repairing and anti-aging.

Tissue Firm V-3 is formulated with hyaluronic acid with three different molecular weights: High, Medium and Low. With this combination of tree HA types we get a more moisturizing, regenerating and anti-wrinkle effect.


  • Restores Skin hydration.
  • Wrinkles reduces fine lines and uplifting same as B-TOX effect.
  • Stimulates new pro-collagen fibers, reduces flaccidity and restores skin elasticity and luminosity.
  • Antioxidant and Skin Whitening